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Human energy: revitalising the workplace (Chief Executive Officer, 1 August 2013). As the effects of the economic recession linger, CEO of Bosch Group Volkmar Denner talks to Barry Mansfield about how the company's soon-to-be recharged working culture will help it energise targeted growth. Click here to view.

HTC: ready to rebuild
(Chief Executive Officer, 9 November 2012). HTC chief executive Peter Chou reveals why his company is targeting growth in Asia and Europe after losing ground to rivals Apple and Samsung. Click here to view.

A sensitive approach to customer experience
(Chief Executive Officer, 2 November 2012). Keeping shoppers, staff and shareholders sweet requires a personable approach to business - a concept close to Paul Polman's heart. Barry Mansfield reports on the Unilever CEO's drive to expand the company's customer base in emerging markets through the installation of state-of-the-art customer relationship management technology and the promotion of healthy, sustainable living. Click here to view.

Defuse the pensions time bomb: the challenges of auto-enrolment
(Chief Executive Officer, 9 June 2012). The countdown to pension auto-enrolment began in January with an £11 million drive aimed at increasing public awareness. Barry Mansfield talks to Joanne Segars, chief executive of the National Association of Pension Funds, about the implications of the reforms. Click here to view.

Strength in adversity: driving recovery
(Chief Executive Officer, 9 June 2012). How a CEO responds to misfortune, and how well the organisation bounces back as a result, is a true test of their worth. Barry Mansfield talks to Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of Fiat, about how he was able to revive his company against a background of diminished market share, strikes, the eurozone crisis and oversupply issues. Click here to view.

Tough Call
(Chief Executive Officer, 9 October 2008). With the fast-selling Centro and upcoming Nova II operating system, Palm's president and CEO Ed Colligan is hoping to turn around the struggling handset maker. Barry Mansfield meets the man ringing the changes. Click here to view.

Book Wise
(Chief Executive Officer, 14 April 2008). Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, has turned the company he founded into the world's largest online retailer. Barry Mansfield examines the radical thinking that helped Bezos put Amazon in the dominant position it occupies today. Click here to view.

From Cars to the Stars
(Chief Executive Officer, 14 April 2008). Former PayPal CEO Elon Musk talks to Barry Mansfield about his plans to bring the electric car to the mass market. Then there is the small matter of conquering space. Click here to view.

Shake It Up
(Chief Executive Officer, 22 September 2007). Four years ago, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis revolutionised the telecoms industry with Skype. Now they are set to rewrite the rules of the TV industry as well. Click here to view.

Transformational Outsourcing
(Chief Executive Officer, 1 March 2007). The outsourcing stereotype is being turned on its head by Tata Consultancy Services and its unique brand of outsourcing. David Power, CEO of TCS's UK arm, Diligenta, tells Barry Mansfield how he is leading his company into the top ten. Click here to view.