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What will Qatar look like in 2050? (TheEDGE Qatar, 26 December 2013). What will Qatar look like in the middle of this century? Barry Mansfield presents a semi-fictional vision of likely changes in cultural and economic life brought about by a ‘rise of the machines.’ Click here to view.

Will Qatar’s stake in PSG set a new standard in football investment?
(TheEDGE Qatar, 18 November 2013). For the last few years, Qatar has been hosting major sporting events. According to some analysts, the country’s growing interest in sports, particularly football, represents its strategic move to build a sports sector. Click here to view.

Moving Qatar towards agricultural self-sufficiency
(TheEDGE Qatar, 25 February 2013). Qatar outlined ambitious plans to achieve national food security in the wake of 2008’s food crisis. The aim of the Qatar National Food Security Programme (QNFSP) is to bring the country as close as possible to food self-sufficiency by 2023. Click here to view.

City of Light
(TheEDGE Qatar, 29 November 2012). 2012’s Hannover Messe, is the world’s biggest industrial fair held in Hanover, Germany – focused on ‘green intelligence’ and it was here that engineer Essa Mohammed Ali Kaldari, Qatari CEO of Lusail Real Estate Development Company, revealed how Lusail would incorporate “all that is green, sustainable and smart in real estate.” Click here to view.

Qatar’s Fresh Water Challenges
(TheEDGE Qatar, 10 July 2012). As a small peninsula in one of the most dry and arid regions in the world, it is no secret that Qatar faces incredible challenges in securing fresh water for private and industrial usage. Barry Mansfield looks at what steps Doha is taking as well as the role of private business in tackling Qatar's future water management issues. Click here to view.

Roll with the Changes
(TurboJet Horizon, 1 July 2011). China is the new focus for Rolls-Royce, where an upsurge in millionaires should prove a fertile marketplace for its new models. Click here to view.